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Compass Rose Moments

About the Chef 

Once upon a culinary journey, in the bustling heart of the culinary world, there was a visionary chef named Simon Li. With a passion for innovation and an insatiable love for the art of gastronomy, Chef Simon Li had carved his name into the annals of fine dining.

Simon's gastronomic odyssey began in the vibrant kitchens of Hakkasan Group, where he honed his skills and developed an exquisite palate for the fusion of flavour. He was a maestro of combining the traditional and the avant-garde, creating dishes that were not just meals but awe-inspiring experiences.

His culinary voyage did not stop there. The Mandarin Hotel beckoned, and Chef Simon Li answered the call. As he entered the hallowed halls of this world-renowned institution, he brought with him a revolution in cuisine. His creations were more than just dishes; they were symphonies of taste and texture, each plate a canvas upon which he painted with ingredients from around the globe.

Simon Li's expertise in innovative cuisine knew no bounds. He was a trailblazer, a culinary alchemist who transformed humble ingredients into works of art that tantalized the senses. His gastronomic wizardry transported diners to far-off places, and each bite was a journey into the unknown.

In the world of fine dining, Chef Simon Li was a star, a Michelin luminary whose creations left an indelible mark on the palate and memory of anyone fortunate enough to savour his dishes. His passion for innovation, dedication to perfection, and love for the culinary arts made him a true legend in the realm of gastronomy. And so, the world continued to savour the delectable creations of Chef Simon Li, a true master of innovation cuisine.

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